Monday, March 17, 2014

Dirty Winter Report: New Prints and Resin Print Update

For all those out there enduring this bitter and cruel winter, I wish you well. The hard months are almost behind us, and the teasing of Spring is around the corner. Though I feel there will be a lot of teasing before Winter lets Spring out of it's strangle hold. In fact, if the changing of seasons participated in an old school WWF tag team wrestling match this year, then the Winter Boys' Manager would be distracting the referee, while they both mercilessly pounded one of the Springsteens with flying elbows, legs drops, and metal chairs behind the ref's back.
A friend of mine proposed that this long winter is actually a well orchestrated and over the top marketing campaign for the next season of Game of Thrones. We get it HBO. Winter came and we were all knights of Summer. That being said, looking forward to season 4!
The one positive aspect of winter is that there it leaves me little reason to wander out of the confines of my studio. With my next show in June at Roq La Rue approaching with an impossible rapidity, there is still much left to do. Amongst neglecting emails, social media, and personal hygiene, I've also noticed my Etsy store has become a bit barren. I've sold out of a number of editions and some others are nearly sold out. As it happens, I've recently finished a couple commissions, so I'll be releasing them along with a couple other pieces as prints on Friday March 21st at 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

Here are the details.

Our Wondrous Journey
Limited edition of 100
22" x 18" including 1" White Border

Forest Fellowship
Limited edition of 75
20" x 15" including 1" White Border

Ambient Transcendence
Limited edition of 75
18" x 22" including 1" White Border

A Thoughtful yet Tentative Emergence
Limited edition of 75
12" x 16" including 1" White Border

I've also been working on the long overdue resin prints over the last few months. I'm on the final layer of both of them, and I'm hoping to have them done in the next month. Here are the details of those.

Roamer of the Subterranean Forest
Limited Edition of 15
18" x 14"

Relish in Moments of Glory
Limited Edition of 15
16" x 16"

Here are some progress shots.

Hello Resin Prints. Nice to see you

After a layer of resin on the print, I added some fog and added some color.
Then another layer of resin, and the first layer of trees.
After another layer of resin, I'm now working on the final layers of fog and trees.

 During the first layer of resin, I sprinkle some wet oil paint into the wet resin. Adds some really cool depth the the sky and makes each piece very unique.

 Then some cloud painting and coloring.
I'm on the final layer of painting clouds and the foreground trees.

If you're interested in one of these, please email me to reserve one.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Print Release

It's that time of year again when the smell of wood fire emanates the air, fallen leaves dance around the ankles, and a lone deer stares at you from behind the neighbors fence, whispering scurrilous gossip of strange and imprudent deer. It's time to indulge in pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin drop cookies, pumpkin ale, pumpkin stout, pumpkin shaped reese's cups, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Pumpkinhead the movie starring Bishop from Aliens, pumpkin underwear, pumpkin helmets, and anything else pumpkin related or pumpkin smelling. It's time to put on jackets and boots, and enjoy the last days of leaf-filled trees before the onset of a bare limbed winter. This is my season, and it seems like a fine time to release some prints.
I'll be releasing 4 new prints on Halloween, Thursday October 31st at 3:00 Eastern Time. So grab some hot cider and head on over to my Etsy store next week.
Happy Fall Everyone!

Here are the print release details.

"Mother of the Lone Wolf"
20" x 16" including 1" White Border
Limited Edition of 75

"Strolling Through a Close Enchantment"
22" x 15" including 1" White Border
Limited Edition of 75

"Meeting of Lords"
20" x 20" including 1" White Border
Limited Edition of 75

"Dream Chamber"
12" x 12" including 1" White Border
Limited Edition of 75

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The 'Ol Art Shipping Scam

I've received a good number of these emails over the years, so I thought I would share a recent one in case any of you haven't heard of this scam. Here's the initial email.

Good Day,

Am interested in your Artwork I saw in your website, The work am talking about is below....

Bring Forth the Tides of Night 2012 Oil on Wood Panel 30" x 30"

Please email me the details of the work if they are still available and their price you want to sale them.

I will be expecting your reply,

First of all, all the details of the work are in what she copied and pasted off my website, and there is a price for the piece on my website. Also, the "I will be expecting your reply." is a pretty much a dead give away that it's a scam. For some reason they feel like they should create this air of urgency on the transaction, but all it should do is create a red flag. At this point I know I'm dealing with assholery... but just in case I send an email back. 

Hi Holly,

It's still available. It's $3500. It would ship from the US. $40 for domestic and $100 for International
What else do you need to know?


-Short and wasting as little of my time as possible because I know what's coming.

Dear Andy,

Thank you for the Information about the Artwork and am happy to read  back from you.

Regarding the Payment Am not using PayPal due to my past experience on PayPal, I will issue you a Check it might be a cashier or Bank Draft, "according to the advised given to me by my Bank" I will inform you as soon as the Check is been sent out from my office here in Glasgow Scotland.

I will need your information to process the Check. We may also speak on Skype if you wouldn't mind in other to discuss about the  transaction verbally and for you to be able to know more about me.

Name on Check:
Phone Number:
Skype ID:

Also i want you to know that i will appoint a secured shipping company that will come for the pickup of the pieces in your destination. The shipping fees will be added to your payment.

So I guess a guaranteed secured shipper will be preferably considered and appoint for the pickup.

Am on Skype as: hollyfriedman, or call me on 447024073077 for any question concerning my purchase

Holly Freidman

Annnnnnd there it is. It will be a check coming from Scotland and she has her OWN "secure shipping company" that will pick the piece up. Well that's convenient! As soon as the personal and secure shipping company pops up, you know someone is trying to rip you off. 
So if I continued with this, a couple things could happen. I would receive a check that was double or triple the amount I asked for, and I would be asked to send the remainder back with the "secured shipping company." 
Or the check would be a few hundred dollars more, and a personal tragedy or financial crisis would occur before the "secure shipping company" had a chance to pick up the piece. They would then ask you to refund the money straight away to deal with this terrible, terrible tragedy. Either way, the check would be bogus and your bank would take that money out of your ass. Instead of getting thousands  you get shorted thousands. That's a raw deal.
Even though it's happened before, having someone trying to pull one over on me pisses me off. I thought of some mean spirited things to do, but I just ended up having some fun with them.

Hi Holly,

Great! I'm so glad you're interested in my piece. I've been hoping and praying to sell this piece so I could finally afford the double bi-pass surgery for my sick Iguana, Chaka Khan. 

I don't accept checks, I only accept gold ingots or ammunition. Preferably 9mm Luger, .45 ACP and 5.56 x 45mm NATO. 

As for shipping, I actually have my own shipping service so no need to worry about that. My friend, Dan, is an avid outdoorsman, sailor and mountain biker. He always delivers everything for me and has never failed me. It might take him a while to get to Scotland since he insists on using a one man skiff to cross the ocean. Then once he gets to Scotland, he will hike and bike his way through the Scottish highlands to find you and deliver this precious, lovely artwork to your doorstep. Dan will probably be pretty starved and exhausted by this point, so would you be able to feed him and let him crash on your couch for a few days? He'll need to regain some energy for the long trip back to the States. And if it isn't too much of a hassle, could you show him the place where William Wallace was executed and where the Battle of Falkirk was fought? He's a huge fan of that movie... and don't be surprised if he yells, "FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!"

Please let me know as soon as possible. I told Chaka Khan about this sale and he is very excited and hopeful. I haven't seen him this heartened in years, but he is very ill so please hurry. 
Also, I've informed Dan of the job, and he is getting geared up for the trip across the Atlantic. 

I will be expecting your reply,


-I am still waiting for a reply. Hold on Chaka Khan!!!


It looks like Holly sent the same email to my brother, Ben. Here is his response.

Hey Holly!

Thanks you so much for the interest in my artwork. You copied and pasted some of my most personal works to date. Unfortunately I donated all of my artwork to help out my brother's iguana Chaka Khan so I have nothing available. 
But I hear you are going to purchase a painting off of my brother Andy. This is such a blessing! Little Chaka may just pull through with that sale and I may be able to afford to make more art.
Here's a picture of Chaka… he's really pepped up since learning of his imminent life-saving surgery:

We plan on re-naming his aquarium on your honor. It shall henceforth be called "The Holly Freidman Life Giving Aquarium". 
Is there any way I could get a picture of you? I know a master sculptor that works in bronze… it was would be amazing to have a miniature statue of you in the aquarium. I am certain that you are a beautiful person… I just hope he can capture your inner beauty. This will probably be the greatest test of his lifelong passion and skill.

Thank you again and God bless!

Ben Kehoe

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Luminous Weekend

Just returned from New York from my latest show, Luminous Reverie, at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. All  in all, an exceptional trip. I drank at least 8 different bourbon cocktails, shared a 38 oz steak with my wife Ash, got a friend slapped at a bar, punched at least 3 people in the gut and returned with out a scratch... well excluding the small bruise on the bridge of my nose when Ash accidentally elbowed me in her sleep. The show itself was an amazing experience and I got showcase the new resin paintings for the first time in the Big Apple. The overall reception was extremely positive so I can rest easy.

I posted the new work to my website and my Facebook Page. Please check it out and if you are in the New York, please drop by Jonathan LeVine Gallery and see it in person. The show is up until June 15th.

I'll be releasing 5 prints from the show on Friday at 4:00 p.m. EST. Here's the info on the release.

1. Relish the Moments of Glory
20" x 20" including 1" white border
edition of 100

2. Roamer of the Subterranean Forest
22" x 18" including 1" white border
edition of 75

3. Riding a Dream

22" x 18" including 1" white border
edition of 75

4. A Flowering Fascination
20" x 16" including 1" white border
edition of 75

5. A Placid Pause
12" x 16" including 1" white border
edition of 75

Also please note, I will be releasing resin print versions of Relish Moments of Glory and Roamer of the Subterranean Forest later in the year.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Report from the Maeltrsom

I have an update on the resin prints which can be considered good and bad. The update is that turned out wonderful... and quickly sold out before I even posted them. Here are some pictures of the completed resin prints.

I've been meaning to post about it, but I've been caught in an art making maelstrom that has left me little time to do anything but desperately art make. My next show at Jonathan LeVine is coming up on May 18th, so every minute counts at this point. I am incorporating some new elements into my work, literally into my work, since it'll all be submerged in resin in the end. Some paintings are finally coming together and are actually starting looking like something. That's always been a satisfying aspect to my work, but especially now with the resin pieces. Most of them start out as an abstract idea, a hopeful plan and a lot of improvising.
After this show, my next show isn't for another year so I can slow things down a bit. I've been going full tilt for years now, and I'd like to leave some room for other things in my life. Like updating this blog with updates more pithy than practical... and more than four times a year.

I'll also be releasing a new print this Friday at 4:00 pm ET. It'll be my last print release until the end of May when this show is over. Here is the info:

Cloaked in a Vast and Quiet Wonder
12" x 18" including 1" white border
edition of 75
Signed and Numbered

Cloaked in a Vast and Quiet Wonder

Friday, December 21, 2012

Resin Print Progress

Well, looks like the world is still here. Which is a good thing since these resin prints are making some serious progress and it would be a shame if they all burnt up or fell into a chasm. They look great so far and I'm very happy with how they turned out. Though, they are taking a little longer than I thought, which doesn't surprise me. Very few of my endeavors end up being completed in a reasonable time frame.
Regardless, I hope to finish the first batch off relatively soon. I'm done painting all 3 layers of leaves on most of the panels and just need to do some blending and wood staining to finish it off. This first batch will have 15 pieces and 6 are reserved so far. Send me an email if you'd like to reserve one.
Here are the specifics again.
14" x 14"
Acrylic, Oil and Resin over Giclée Print

Here are some shots of the progress.

1st layer of leaves.
Then 1/4 inch of resin added

2nd layer of leaves
Then another 1/4 inch layer of resin added

And the 3rd and final layer. 
Some prettying up and it'll be ready for the final thin layer of resin to seal it all up.
The wood will also be stained a darker English Chestnut.

I'll also be pre-mounting them so they are ready to hang. I'll even send some wall mounting hardware along with it. Boom.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Thank You

I love Thanksgiving. Though I'm not one of those folks that celebrates the misconstrued, weird history behind it, I do like the idea of being all thankful about everything all day.
In this often horrifying and crazy world, I actually do have a lot to be thankful for. I have an awesome family and an amazing wife that I recently tricked into marrying me. She's amazing and I feel like a very lucky chap. I have an outstanding group of friends and colleagues around me. I'm ever thankful that I love what I do for a living even though it consumed my soul and traps me in a black hole where neither time nor socializing exist. I'm thankful that I have a job that I can listen to audio books and work at the same time. I am thankful for the Harry Potter audio books for being so well produced and enjoyable. Jim Dale is amazing. Thanks Jim Dale. I'm thankful that I can live with cats that somehow don't kill me with allergies. And of course, I'm thankful that I have the privilege to share my work with such a kind, gracious and generally awesome group of art makers and art lovers out there. So to all of you out there that have put my work into a show, bought a painting, bought a print, said hello at an opening, shook my hand, gave me a hi-five, wrote me a nice email or message, interviewed me, blogged about me, commented on that blog post, or just thought, "Huh. I like this." To all those and everyone in between, I thank you.

To get in the holiday spirit, I'll be releasing 4 new prints this Friday, November 23rd, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time through my Etsy Store. Here is a list of the prints and all the info.

Mutual Enchantment
limited edition giclee print of 75.
18" x 18" including 1" white border
printed on Innova Smooth Cotton 315gsm, High White, 100% Cotton
signed and numbered

Profound Encounters Amid the Forest Deep
limited edition giclee print of 75.
20" x 20" including 1" white border
printed on Innova Smooth Cotton 315gsm, High White, 100% Cotton
signed and numbered

limited edition giclee print of 75.
16" x 12" including 1" white border
printed on Innova Smooth Cotton 315gsm, High White, 100% Cotton
signed and numbered

Days of Cider
limited edition giclee print of 75.
12" x 15" including 1" white border
printed on Innova Smooth Cotton 315gsm, High White, 100% Cotton
signed and numbered

I also have some resin prints of Mutual Enchantment in the works as well and I hope to be done with them in early December. I basically took a photo of that painting when it was half completed and made prints of that. Then I sealed those prints to the bottom of a framed wood box and put a layer of resin on them. The next step is to paint a layer of willow leaves and put another coat of resin on. I'll repeat that for a couple layers and the final result will be a 3Dish print that is closest to representing my new resin paintings  It'll be a good middle ground between a print and an original painting. They are 14" x 14" and I'll only be making 30 of them and they'll be selling for $325 each. More info on them to come as I start finishing them. I should have 15 of them done in a couple weeks. Let me know if you'd like to reserve one as well. Here are some quick process shots so far. 

First I take a wooden box and seal and prime it. In this case I used some black gesso to prime. 
Also, here are the prints before I adhere them to the box.

Here the print is sealed to the bottom of the box and it then received a 1/4" layer of resin.
At this point they will be painted with a layer of willow leaves, then another 1/4" of resin and so on. There will be 3 layers of willow leaves and then a final layer of resin to finish. 
More to come.