Saturday, June 27, 2009

Print Madness and San FRan

So as many of you know, the March of the Exiled print was released and sold out in a little over a week! I have never dealt with amount of orders at once! Thanks you all so much and thanks for being patient waiting for your orders. I spent a whole day just cutting down cardboard and weeping. My local Fedex guys were equally annoyed and impressed by the sheer number of packages I dropped off in one day.

I was not going to release a print for a bit but since everything in my shop is pretty much sold out, I will be releasing 3 more in Etsy shop in a couple weeks. I'm also looking to get a couple of these pieces printed larger so that will come further down the road... and I may possibly do these prints through someone else so I don't have to deal with shipping the larger prints.

I will be shutting down the shop for a few days starting Sunday night. I'm on my way to the Bay Area with Evan B. Harris to haul all his work to his upcoming solo show at Johansson Projects in Oakland. I'm going to stick around for the fourth of July so hopefully I can blow some shit up or at least watch shit get blown up. Should be a good time. I do have some work that's staring me in the face, but fuck it... I need to get out of the studio some time this summer.

Also, I'm going to start guest blogging on I agreed to write some ridiculous shit every once in a while so I might be writing about my upcoming jounrey to the Bay. Keep posted.


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Christian Breitkreutz said...

Congrats you bastard! Man, you are really blowing up. Back when I met you you were just some poor, lonely orphan begging for a home, a family, and some love. Well shit, I'm proud of you son. Keep up the great work! I never knew someone famous before! Stay in touch though, don't let it go to your goddamn head!

chia said...

whoa, that was you! i was at the art murmur last night, and i swear i knew who you were... and i kinda did... your work is great... keep it up, and have fun in oakland! -benjamin

Jarren Williams. said...

Man there has been so much awesome art coming out lately that I'm running out of funds. I hope you release those prints soon, I can't miss a Kehoe print.

andy kehoe said...

Haha. That'll be the day when anything goes to my head... I think I'm too neurotic for that.
Yeah, that Art Murmur thing was wild. Too bad we didn't get to say hi.
And Jarren, those prints will be out on the next few weeks. And a sale to boot!