Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wine and Chicken Livers in the Northwest

All Turns to Brilliance
 Just got back from the Great Pacific Northwest had a trip full of art openings, bourbon, wine, fried olives, spicy meatballs, wings and chicken liver. Well, only one art opening, but a plenitude of the other things... and I didn't cry once or get into any dancing knife fights. Which is a good change of pace from most of the trips I take. Maybe it was because I didn't wear my sleeveless jean jacket vest this time around. That thing always gets me into trouble.
The opening was awesome and got to meet some new folks and catch up with others. Charlie Immer's work was wild and wonderful and I wish he could've been there. Hi-Fructose was there and had a nice post of the show on their site.

I was going to make a post on the blog about a new print release, but one of those prints already sold out. I released All Turns to Brilliance and On the Banks of Broken Worlds on Thursday and the All Turns to Brilliance Print is already sold out. Crazy! Fastest I've ever sold out of a print. I've got some AP's of the print though and I'll post those soon.
UPDATE: APs sold out as well.

I'm going to post another print, Lord of Ghouls, on Tuesday to take it's place.

On the Banks of Broken Worlds


JAHook photo said...

Amazing pieces.
Hope I can grab and AP.

Caerphilly said...

The colors in the first one are amazing!

penelope said...

sold out fast because it's really fantastic!

Polina said...

I am in love with your creatures and your art is amazing!TNX!

Scritch said...

love your work - how long do you take to make 1 piece may I ask? They look very detailed

Unknown said...

Thanks Andy- I try to check in every few months and see what you've been up to, and, as per usual, I leave thoroughly impressed.
PS- Sleeveless jean jacket vests get everyone in fights Canada-side, too.
Tyler Austin Bradley